Chupacabra Territory

Chupacabra Territory (Digital Download)

Movie Description:

Chupacabra Territory is a found footage comedy horror set in the Pine Forest somewhere in America. It is a story about four unfortunate campers who find themselves in a life-threatening situation after they stumble upon the infamous CHUPACABRA. JOE is a sex starved average guy. He has never been camping. After telling AMBER, his object of desire and an amateur crypto zoologist, that he has lead several expeditions in search for the CHUPACABRA, she pleads with him to take her into the woods. Knowing well that this will be a good chance for him to get into Amber's pants, Joe must research the CHUPACABRA and become a competent outdoor guide to play out the charade. After all his gear is acquired he hires DAVE, an amateur cameraman to film their adventure. Amber brings her cock blocking, metro sexual friend MORGAN along for support, much to Joe's chagrin. The four of them head into the woods with a ton of gear and little experience. After Joe violates several of the "CODE OF CAMPING SURVIVAL RULES" their search for the CHUPACABRA make a turn for the worst. Joe's continuingly poor judgment leads the characters into a mess of CHUPACABRA activity and ultimately their deaths. After Dave goes missing, the adventure turns into a rescue mission, but not before they stumble onto the lair of the CHUPACABRA and Dave's dead body. Now deep in the woods at night, the remaining characters must hold their ground against the CHUPRACABRA and stay alive until morning.


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