At various times we do get a large number of codes in stock and would like to offer our savings to you. We will list any codes that we have a large amount of here. If it is not listed in this section we do not have the supply to be able to wholesale that code. If you are interested in purchasing codes at a bulk rate that is listed here please feel free to contact us. Codes must be paid for prior to us sending them. Codes will be sent via email from scans of the slips. Physical slips are not available to be shipped via the mail. Slips may also not be one slip per file. With large amounts of codes we sometimes have to combine multiple slips into one file so you may have 10 - 20 codes overlapped in a file but all codes will be readable. 


Wholesale Codes Available:

Updated 9/5/2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. - SOLD OUT

Baywatch - Full Codes US Codes from Blu Ray

50+ codes - $4.00 each