Cinderella (1950)

Cinderella (1950) (Disney/MA/HD)

Movie Description:

This Disney animated version of Cinderella took the somewhat violent tale of a downtrodden young woman who uses her wits, her beauty, her goodness and a little magical intervention to rise above adversity to become a princess, and changed the story into a syrupy sweet tale in which she does nothing more than look pretty, and passively do as she is told to achieve her dreams. That said, this beautifully animated, tuneful version is still a favorite among Disney fans as it follows the good-hearted Cinderella as she bravely endures the abuse and humiliation of her evil and ugly stepmother and step-sisters. Naturally when the great royal ball, during which the prince is to choose a bride, is held, Cinderella is not allowed to attend. The sisters tell her it is because she has no gown. In true Disney fashion, when all the local mice and birds see the girl who has been so kind to them weeping, they gather together and make her a dress. Unfortunately, the sisters find it and destroy it, leaving the heartbroken maiden alone and saddled with many chores on the night of the grand fete. Fortunately, her sorrow attracts the attention of a beneficent fairy godmother who with a merry "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo" and a wave of her wand, creates for Cinderella a fabulous gown and glorious carriage to take her to the ball. Of course there is the matter of being home at midnight when the spell is to wear off. Cinderella listens and goes to the ball, falls for the prince and has a marvelous time until the clock begins striking the final hour. Hastily she departs, accidentally leaving one impossibly tiny (heaven forbid a hard-working chambermaid have large, ungainly and infinitely practical feet!) glass slipper behind. The besotted prince, desperate to find his mystery love orders a kingdom-wide search and of course, the story ends on an eternally blissful note.

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