Eastbound and Down: Season 4

Eastbound and Down: Season 4 (Vudu/HDX)

Movie Description:

In fourth and final series of "Eastbound & Down", Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) is now a family man—with his wife, April (Katy Mixon), two little kids and a home in the suburbs—but a dead-end job with a rental-car company has him yearning to get back in the limelight. As fate would have it, he runs into former teammate Guy Young (Ken Marino), who hosts a successful sports-talk show on TV and gives Kenny a shot to get back on the path to glory. After a bumpy start, he receives a boost from the loyal Stevie (Steve Little) and soon has it all—money, fame, pool, jet pack—but even Kenny begins to wonder if that's all life's about. Also starring John Hawkes, Elizabeth De Razzo, Tim Heidecker, Jillian Bell and Omar J. Dorsey.

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