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Movie Description:

Season 3, the final season of this drama, begins with Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) on death row while former FBI agent Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) is putting his life back together in the wake of his split with Claire. But, when the FBI discovers three bodies in a hotel room with a message reading "Ryan Hardy Lies," he learns that Mark Gray (Sam Underwood) has resurfaced. With followers of his own to help him re-create scenes in which his family members were killed, Mark's mission is to discredit the FBI and get the trial of Arthur Strauss (Gregg Henry), Joe Carroll's mentor, thrown out. A former pupil of Strauss also enters the picture, making the situation even more dire. As a result, Ryan must seek help from an unlikely source. Shawn Ashmore and Jessica Stroup return while Zuleikha Robinson and Michael Ealy join the cast.

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