We are always looking for some codes. If you have any unwanted codes turn it into cash or even store credit.
  • We only buy FULL codes. 
  • If it is a Disney movie it must have the DMA/DMR attached.
  • We Pay $3.00 for UV/HDX movies newer than 2 months old, $1.00 for UV/HDX older than 2 months. UV/SD codes we pay .50 across the board for US Codes
  • For a quote please email us.
The above are just based prices depending on quantity and titles prices may vary. Please contact us at uvcollector@gmail.com if you have items to sell or trade.
    We will no longer accept even trades. All codes willing to be traded will go by the price we will purchase at.  Example: You have a code for Pitch Perfect. We will give you store credit of the going price we will pay to but that title. Then you can use that credit to use towards your purchase.
    If you have any questions or have codes to sell please feel free to email us at uvcollector@gmail.com