Bulk Orders:

Do you sell codes in bulk?

What we have in stock is what is listed on our site. We do not hold quantities for any one. If you would like to place a large order we do ask that you contact us before hand for use to verify that it is a legit order. By placing a large order it may cause the order to be flagged and possibly canceled without any form of reason or email.  We do have our regular bulk buyers that we are aware of and have it set so their orders do not get flagged. If you place a large order and we have never done business before chances are this order will be canceled. Large orders can be for a large amount of dollars or even a large amount of the same movie. We have our order processor to flag orders with these setting to not allow orders to go through without our approval. If you are planning to place a large order make sure you are available to discuss this before placing the order and please do not use any false information or VPN's when placing the order. This will cause it to be flagged as well. We also have this in place so someone does not accidentally order the wrong amount example ordering 10 or 100 codes instead of 1. Please also be aware that any large orders are still subject to our terms and conditions. We only keep code slips for a max of 1 week after purchased. If you have any issues after that period we can not look up anything on it or send you the slip.

4k UV Redemption Questions:

How do 4k UV Redemption work?

4k UV codes are still fairly new and there is still a lot of 4k movies that do not redeem in 4k. Some studio such as Fox and Lionsgate have not gotten on the 4k bandwagon of yet so NONE of their codes redeem in 4k. A lot of Sony has yet to be made available to redeem 4K also. The rule of thumb is check Vudu if they do not have it in 4k chances are it is not available for 4k redemption. Here is also a link to 4k redemption and where if available to redeem.

Click here for Redemption sites 

We try to give the buyer as much information in the item description to how it works and where to redeem. Some people seem not to read that info then expect a refund after already redeeming it wrong and not getting 4k. We will not refund any purchase because of this.

If you have questions about 4K please email us and we will do our best to answer them.


Why have I not received my order?

There may be several reasons for this. 


  • We use an automated system that sends the orders out. Just like any web service or software there are down times for maintenance or unforeseeable circumstances. If the system is down once the system is restored orders will be sent out.


  • If you are using a VPN or Proxy it will flag the order for review. If this is the case the order may be canceled without notice because it will look like a suspicious transaction and the distance between address and IP will be to far. Please shut off all VPN's or proxy servers before placing and order.


  • Payment issues. First check PayPal to make sure your payment was completed. If it was please send us an email and we can look into it for you. If it says canceled your payment was declined by our credit authorization services. This could be because of mismatched information such as name, email address, billing address, county mismatch. Like it states in out Terms and Conditions, which now has to be accepted before placing an order, all payment information MUST match. We do not accept 2nd or 3rd party payment. We also do not accept payment from orders that list one country and is located in another country. If this occurs we contact the account holder of the payment company for payment verification unless it is flagged with numerous flags which in that case is just canceled. At this point you may or may not receive any reasoning. We will not give any information out about any account to anyone so if you email asking us why we will only tell you to see this page for reasoning.


  • Give it some time. Orders for the most part are sent out within minutes of placing the order unless the above mentions items happen. But in some cases we may have to wait to get an authorization for a payment because of something that does not match. Sometimes it may be for the amount of the order. If this occurs we may not get to that right away and it may take time for us to receive the email and verify the order. If this is the case your payment in PayPal may say "Pending" rather than completed or canceled. If you do not receive your order with 24 hrs please email us so we can be aware of the issue and get it taken care of.


  • Orders placed outside you billing area will be flagged for cancellation. Please let us know if your order was canceled by mistake. If your payment is still marked as pending we can still process the order. Orders that are marked pending need to be approved before being sent and depending on the time of day it may be 8 to 12 hours before the order is processed.


Why are only some orders Instant Delivery?

All orders are subject to credit card and Paypal approval. Sometimes that may take time for those services to contact us with an authorization code. Once we receive that code we can process the order and send the codes. Sometimes the credit card company or PayPal authorize the transaction immediately and the order is sent instantly. Some orders may take time. If you do not receive your order within 24 hrs of the time the order was placed please email us. Please also review our terms and conditions page for updates on customer information and instant delivery.

Terms and Conditions


How to Contact us?

We are a small ran business. This is not our only job so please if you email us please be patient we do not sit in front of our computers 24hrs a day. To contact us you can either email us at uvcollector@gmail.com or use the contact us button on the website (Lower right corner of the page). If this is pertaining to an order please include the order number of the order. We get 200+ orders a day and can not easily find an order by just your first name.

What type of codes do you sell?

All Codes are from the U.S. or Canada. They may or may not be able to be redeemed from other countries. If you are from outside the U.S. we can not be held responsible for codes not working correctly outside the U.S.

Please see our Canadian Redemption's page to find out how to redeem Canadian codes.

There are several Types of codes we carry.

  • UV Codes (Ultraviolet Codes)

UV Codes can be redeemed in such places as vudu, flixster, cinema now, or the studio's website. With a purchased code we will send the link to redeem them via vudu. You will have to have a vudu account created. All our codes are from the U.S. and must be used within the U.S.. There are ways around this with proxy servers but that is a whole other topic. When you redeem a UV code this will be stored in your UV cloud and can be watched from all UV providers.

****When redeeming an early release code it must be redeemed via a PC not a mobile device.*****

  • iTunes

iTune codes can be used by apple devices and must be redeemed using the itunes program. These movies can only be viewed within itunes and do not carry over to UV.


  • Vudu Codes

Vudu codes can only be redeemed via vudu and can only be watched on the vudu service. If you share your account with other users, only the main account will be able to see this.



DMA (Disney Movie Anywhere) / DMR (DIsney Movie Rewards) is a Disney based stream for Disney movies. All DMA/DMR codes MUST be redeemed via disneymovierewards.com which requires a free account. You will also receive rewards points from Disney which you can later claim for gifts. This will also transfer to you iTunes account. You can also link you vudu account to your DMA account and it will transfer their also. DMA/DMR you get more for the money. If you buy the DMA/DMR portion of a code from us


Once you purchase a code from us you will receive 2 emails. Your Receipt and then the email with the code information. You must only use the link we provide to redeem your code. This is because we split our codes. We sell the iTunes portion separately also, if the code has iTunes available.