Not following these Terms and Conditions could result in orders being canceled or rejected.

Update 12/22/2019


With the change of Disney Movie Rewards (DMR) to Disney Movie insider we can no longer test the points on any of our codes. With that being said we will no longer guarantee that the points are valid to any of the Disney movie codes. We do buy used copies of movies and we can test the movie portion of these codes but can not test the points any longer.

Update 9/18/2019

Restocking Fees:

Normally we do not do refunds for codes, but on rare occasions when we refund a code that was purchased by mistake we would just refund the code. With PayPal changing the way the allow refunds, they will no longer refund us the the original fees from the transaction. Because of this, for any refunds of codes purchased by mistake will be refunded the price of the code minus 10% to cover the loss of the fees. This will begin on 10/01/2019. Please make sure of your order before placing it. Double check the quantities in your checkout screen also make sure you do not own the movie already.

Update 4/17/2019

3rd party listing and advertising:

There are multiple sites that list various movie websites and the codes that they sell along with their prices. Even though we allow them to crawl our website we can not control the listings or how they list our items for our website. Because of this we can not be responsible for mistakes made by these website such as pricing, quality, studio, redeem type, etc. It is the customers responsibility to read OUR item description on OUR website to know what you are buying.

Update 3/27/2019

Upgrading an HD movie using a new 4k code:

We can not guarantee that by using a new 4k code it will upgrade your previous HD code. From our experience, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. Please make sure that if you try this you are taking a chance it will not upgrade and that it is the buyers responsibility to know if this will work for the movie in question or not. We will not confirm that any movie will work using this technique. We will not give refunds for 4k codes that did not upgrade your current HD title.

Update 12/4/2018

Movies Anywhere 4k (MA/4k):

Movies anywhere will now show 4k redemption in your library as well as play them in 4k when you own a device capable to do so. Codes listed as (MA/4k) will redeem in 4k on movies anywhere but probably WILL NOT transfer to services like Vudu in 4k. Chances are they will only transfer in HD. We will not give refunds for codes listed as (MA/4k) because they transfer to vudu in HD. IF you redeem a (MA/4k) code other than moviesanywhere they will redeem in HD and we are not responsible for that either.

Update 10/29/2018

Redeeming a movie that you already own:

Recently we have been having a lot of customers emailing us saying they redeemed a code for a movie that they already own. By doing this it will still use the code and can not be resold. It is the buyers responsibility to know what movies they have in their collection. If a code is purchased and the buyer redeems it and they already had it in their library we can not refund that item since it will show as used and can not be redeemed again.

Update 7/12/2018

Movie Redemption Types:

We are in the process of removing the term "UV" from our website. Fox and Most of the newer Universal codes are now only Movie Anywhere even though they can still be redeemed via Vudu they will not go in to your UV locker. Again, this really only pertains to people that had Family Sharing set up via Vudu before they went away from it. If you haven't set this up yet then I am not sure if this will really matter since you cannot do it any longer with Vudu.  We cannot stress enough to our buyers to please be aware of what you are buying. Please look up the movie on Vudu scroll all the way to the bottom of the movie description page and it will say if it is Movies Anywhere or Ultraviolet or both. It will take some time for us to change all our products to fit the new changes. If a movie is listed with us as UV you are responsible to know if it is or not at this time until we finish up our changes. We will not refund codes because it is listed as UV and it in fact is not. You must acknowledge that you have read this every time you make a purchase so if you do not that is on the buyer. 

Update 6/19/2018

UV rights Part II:

Newer titles from Universal and Fox are now only Movies Anywhere. Even though they are redeemable via Vudu this will not give you UV rights to that movie. The only thing that this does is stop it from being shared with other accounts if you share your UV locker or used Vudu sharing (which is no longer an option only for those that had it set up before movies anywhere). We will start using MA or Vudu or just Vudu with future products. UV will no longer be used. We will start in the near future to remove any UV lingo from product descriptions and titles. In the mean time please be aware of what studio the movie is from that you are buying and where is will share to (Movies Anywhere or Ultraviolet). We will not give refunds for codes that no longer share within your UV locker even though it states UV. Things do change and we need to update our site to reflect the changes but in the meantime, since this has to be read before placing an order I am putting this disclaimer in here until we are caught up.

Update 6/2/2018

Redemption Quality:

With the changes in Movies Anywhere and iTunes 4k free upgrades we can not guarantee the transfer quality of movies. Just because it redeems in one quality at one service does not mean it will transfer to all services in the same quality. If it is HD in Moives anywhere it may be SD in Vudu or 4k in iTunes. We test our codes at the link we provide. That is where the quality that we now it should be at for that particular service.

Update 5/9/2018

UV Rights:

With all the changes happening to the digital movie industry we can no longer guarantee the UV rights to any code. The best way to get the UV rights to a code is by redeeming it via Redeeming movies on will not give you UV rights but some titles are only available to redeem via movies anywhere like Disney movies but there are other non Disney titles that may need to be redeemed there as well. To check if a code has the UV option visit find the movie and scroll to the bottom of the movie info page there you will see either the UV symbol, Movies anywhere symbol, or both. If it shows the UV symbol if you redeem it via you will receive the UV right but only if redeemed via When we list a movie that states UV/HDX we are only saying that it can be redeemed via Vudu or the studio and does not have to be redeemed via movies anywhere. This does not mean you will receive the UV rights to that code. 


What are UV rights?

The big issue with this is that movies that you do not own UV rights to will not share using vudu's sharing option. This option no longer exists for adding anyone it only matters for the people you already have in that sharing group. If you do not use Vudu's sharing option then this probably is not a huge deal for you.

Update 5/5/2018

Bulk Orders:

When purchasing large amount of codes especially of the same movie we will need to verify proof of payment. Please email us before placing any large orders so we can work out payment information.  Otherwise the order may be canceled without any notice or email of reason.

Update 4/13/2018

Code Redemption Time Frame:

All codes must be redeemed within a 24 hour period. Any issues with codes after the 24 hr period may not be taken care of. I had to throw away over 25 X-Large bags of code slips and can not keep them for a long period of time any more. Any code slip of the sold codes will only be kept for 3 days after that they will be thrown away.

New Email Hours:

We have adjusted our email hours on our front page. Orders will still be sent like normal with our automatic system. We had to adjust this because of the mass emails we get during dinner and over night time. We will try our best to still answer them as quickly as possible but on weekends we will not have as much free time and emails may have to wait until Monday to be answered.

Update 1/26/2018

With the new changes with Vudu and movies anywhere and how codes redeem we are in the works of revamping our redeeming structure. Certain codes are no longer UV enabled no matter where you redeem the code some codes will not share across Vudu libraries because of this. It is the customers responsibility to know how movies redeem if it is UV or MA or both.

We do NOT take responsibility for movies not sharing or transferring between platforms. We have no control over this. We will not refund codes due to transferring or sharing issues.


We are now starting to allow certain codes to be redeemed via Please be advised as products are changing redemption categories. Below is the list of new and old categories and where to redeem them. Please do not use any other redemptions other than what you are buying. Please be aware that by redeeming codes via you will not get the UV rights of that movie. Please see our FAQ section for information about

(MA or Vudu/HDX) or (MA or Vudu/SD) - Redeem at movies or Vudu
(MA/HD) - Redeem only at
(Vudu/HDX) or (Vudu/SD) - Redeem at Vudu only.
(iTunes/HD) - Redeem using iTunes Program only.
(Disney/iTunes) - Redeem using iTunes Program only.
(MA/DMR/HD) – Redeem at moviesanywhere for the movie then redeem at for the points.

4K Titles - Redeem using the link provided for 4K if 4k redemption is available for that movie. (Please see our FAQ section for information on 4K redemption)

All Canadian codes will still need to be redeemed using a VPN and the link that is supplied with the code.

We are still working on updating the site with the new redemptions and categories. Please be patient. All sales are still being delivered as we are working on the new categories.

Update 1/15/2018

Movies Anywhere (MA):

We discourage the use of this system for a few reasons. When redeeming via MA you will redeem all possible redemption of a code. Meaning if it has an itunes redemption to it it will also use that redemption and we can not sell that part of the code. This is against our terms. Now it seems that dual redemption are starting to become a thing of the past. Most studios are only allowing one redemption that will now transfer to all the streaming services such as UV, iTunes, Googleplay, etc. But some older codes still can be split and those codes can not be redeeming via MA. Also by redeeming via MA you do not receive the UV rights to that movie. For those that share your Vudu account these titles will not transfer across your shared accounts. If you do not share your Vudu account with family then this is not a huge deal. As of right now only our Disney movies are allowed to be redeemed via MA. This link is supplied with the purchase of your code. IF you code does not have the MA redemption link DO NOT REDEEM IT THERE. AS MA becomes more stable and more studios join this may change but right now we are not allowing redemption on the MA service unless we specify to redeem a code there.

Update 10/19/2017

With the release of the new system also came a lot of bugs and issues. Redeeming codes at this location is not guaranteed for any type of quality or version of a film. Redeem there at your own risk. We supply links with all of our codes that we require you to use for redemption. Redeeming codes at Movies anywhere also redeems all redemption of a code. Which as a buyer you can only redeem the portion of the code you bought. If the link that is sent with the code is that is fine but unless it is supplied with the code DO NOT REDEEM VIA

Update 8/31/2017

Please be aware that are payment processing server recognizes proxy servers. This could be a reasoning behind an order being canceled. If you are using a cell phone that is not within your billing address this could also cause a red flag on the order. If you are using a VPN and do not shut if off before ordering this will also cause an issue with out payment processing server. For example you address is California but you are using a service located in New York for your IP. This will show that you are ordering outside your billing address and this will cause a red flag. Cell phones may also cause this issue as well. If this is the case orders may be canceled. If you are placing an order outside your billing area and do not received your codes please email us. Orders not being received is covered on our FAQ page. IF you have any questions please feel free to email us. So please do not use any kind of proxy,  VPN or other IP spoofers to place orders. The chances are they will be canceled.

Update 8/24/2017

About 90% of our terms and conditions are found within the item description of the product but unfortunately we need to make things clear and be able to show that we are aware that issues may happen. First and for most WE DO NOT WORK FOR ANY OF THE STREAMING SERVICES. We do not have the ability to fix any issues that may arise from a technical issue they are having.  This includes any issues with movies transferring or porting over to other services. For example, we can not control the out come of a movie that was redeemed via Disney and was not ported to Vudu. You may have to contact the service and see if there is something that can be done. Normally we keep out slips for 1 week after they are sold. After that they are thrown away sometimes we do not even have the slip. If you feel you need the slip in hand and want to be able to share proof of purchase from a store you may want to purchase the movie on Blu ray to have a copy of the receipt, the original slip, and case. For the most part the streaming services will require the clip to fix any issues if we have the slip we will be happy to email it to you but we do not get slips for every code we sell. Some of our suppliers send the codes in bulk without the slips.  We will try to help you in any way possible but again we can not control the technical issues that the streaming services have such as porting or redemption quality.

Update 8/9/2017

We would like to clarify our redemption Regions such as USA, Canada, Disney. The type of region it states is what it can be redeemed as not necessarily where it came from. For example Universal Studio codes are not region locked which means it can be redeemed in the US or Canada. So we list them as a USA Code since it can be redeemed in the US. Codes that are listed as Canada Codes MUST be redeemed via a Canadian redemption such as a VPN if you are outside the Canadian region. Disney codes are the same as the Universal Studios codes. When redeemed via there is no region lock on those codes. If you try to redeem a Canadian Disney code via it may state it is not with the correct territory. That is why we state it must be redeemed via Some codes such as Warner Brothers codes from Canada may be redeemed via Vudu for the US territory. If you try the same code in it will say the territory is wrong. Again this is why we STRESS to redeem the codes via the link we provide.  If the code states USA code that only means it can be redeemed within the US. and Canadian Codes must be redeemed via a Canadian server or using a VPN. Disney Redeem codes can only be redeemed via the option. We also want to stress the fact that we do not supply refunds or exchanges for wrong regions purchased, or for any code that has already been emailed. If there is an issue with the code please email us and we will look into the matter. This may mean us contacting the studio to verify redemption date and account. 

Update 5/25/2017 - Extras

We are in no way affiliated with Vudu, UV, iTunes, or any of the streaming services or studios. We have no control over how and what gets redeemed with a code. We can not guarantee any extras that Vudu or another service may have with a movie. Featurettes, cut scenes, interviews, etc may be extras when you purchase straight from a certain provider and may not be included with the code redemption. We can only guarantee the actual movie title. 

Update 3/10/2017 - Instant Delivery

All orders are subject to credit card and Pay-Pal approval. Sometimes that may take time for those services to contact us with an authorization code. Once we receive that code we can process the order and send the codes. Sometimes the credit card company or PayPal authorize the transaction immediately and the order is sent instantly. Some orders may take time. If you do not receive your order within 24 hrs of the time the order was placed please email us. Please also review our terms and conditions page for updates on customer information and instant delivery. Emails used to place an order must match the email that is on file with PayPal otherwise the order may be canceled. 

Update 12/13/2016 - Pre Release Codes and Dates

Pre release codes may have a redemption date for them Not all codes can be redeemed before the release date. Some codes may not redeem till long after the release date especially Canadian Fox Codes. We can not be responsible for redemption dates. We will put what dates they are released on Disc but that does not mean the code will redeem on that date. We outline this in a HUGE RED box in the item description that a code is dated and if it can not be redeemed yet. We have had Canadian codes take a month after disc release date to be able to be redeemed. We have no control over this so buy at your own risk. We will not be doing refunds any longer for codes that will not redeem on the date the Disc is released. We can send you the slip and you can contact he studio and have them fix it.

Update 12/13/2016 - Accepting Terms and Conditions

We added a new feature that makes users accept our terms and condition before checking out their purchase. By doing so you are agreeing to everything in this page. There will be no more excuses about not knowing about any of our terms before ordering. So please read item description (Any important information is in a BIG RED BOX), country of the code, code quality (HDX or SD), and code type (UV, iTunes, Googleplay, etc) before ordering. No more exchanges or returns for codes that have been processed and emailed.

Update 12/13/2016 - Account Suspension/Termination 

With our new order approval we have the ability to block buyers. We have had a large increase on multiple redeemed codes. We split our codes and you are only buying one redemption, the redemption you purchased. If we feel you are using other redemption's of a code (example: Buying UV and also redeeming iTunes, Buying a DMA/DMR code and also redeeming the iTunes or googleplay portion) we will be blocking any future orders that you place until these other redemption are paid for. If you feel you have been blocked for this reason please email us and we will let you know the total that is owed. Once paid we will left the suspension. If you are suspended three times for this or use three or more multiple code redemptions, your account, IP, name, email, and paypal email will be blocked permanently. 

Update 10/24/2016 - New Details on Customer Information

Please make sure that all the customer information that is used while placing an order such as name, address, zip, state, etc match what is on file for the form of payment you use. Any difference in that may result in a postponed order or declined order.


Credit Card Name: John Smith
Order Name: Jane Doe

This will result in a declined order. Same goes for order address vs payment address and also email addresses must match, as well as all other fields needed must match to process the order properly.

Orders now go through a processing period and may take any where from instantly to a few hours for the form of payment to approve the order. If every thing matches EXACTLY the order may be processed quicker.

Update 10/14/2016 - New Details on Instant Delivery

All orders are now subject to credit card and Paypal approval. Sometimes that may take time for those services to contact us with an authorization code. Once we receive that code we can process the order and send the codes. Sometimes the credit card company or PayPal authorize the transaction immediately and the order is sent instantly. Some orders may take time. If you do not receive your order within 24 hrs of the time the order was placed please email us. 

Update 6/22/16 - New Returns and Exchanges Enforcement

Unfortunately we will have to be strict with not allowing returns or exchanges. Lately we have had many people ask for a return or exchange and once we do it the code they returned is now redeemed.  As most of our customers know we try to take care of them as best as we can but we can no longer refund or exchange purchases to any one. No Exceptions. If you have an issue with a code please email us and we will do our best to take care of it. We have had a rush of people buying Canadian codes and not aware that they are Canadian. We have made it very clear on the catalog page as well as the product page on what you are buying. Please take a moment and read what you are purchasing. I appreciate your time and thanks for all the great support!!!

As you can see by our examples I have made it very clear to understand what is Canadian and What is USA. Please look closely to what you are buying.

Catalog Page:
Product Page:


Terms and Conditions:

First and Foremost:


The Code type you purchase is the only code that can be redeemed. If any other portion of the code is redeemed a PayPal invoice for the other portions will be sent to the email address that was used to purchase the previous version.

We are in no way connected in any way with Vudu, iTunes, Flixster or any other Digital media Company or Movie studio. We have no control over their services or terms. We merely sell a code that was removed from a store bought movie. We can not control any type of media in how and when it will redeem. We do sell pre release movies which may not redeem until release date we can not change that that is in the studio's control. You are buying a code that will unlock a movie in you digital movie locker.

We do not guarantee any sort of quality redemption

We offer instant delivery* on all our orders. Our system will email the code to the email you provided when purchasing the codes. If you create an account and have to change your email address please do so otherwise your codes will not be emailed to the correct email address.
*Instant Delivery is based on payment approval. Some orders may have to be verified before email with the codes are sent.

Even though codes may transfer from service to service we have no control over the time or the actual transfer. So we can not be held liable for the transfer of any code to any other service other than the redemption link.  DMA/DMR should transfer to iTunes but it can take up to 24 hrs to do so but again we can not be held responsible if this does not work we have no control over this.

Our selection of movies range from:

UV = Ultraviolet Code only (Could redeem via Vudu or  Flixster)
iTunes = iTunes Code only
Flixster = Flixster Code Only
Vudu = Will redeem Vudu only may not be UV
DMA/DMR = Disney Movie Rewards and Disney Movie Anywhere

Our Codes are either US or Canadian code which is stated in the product. If you purchase a code outside your region you are responsible to redeem it. We gave a simple idea on how to do this via our US & Canadian Redemptions page.
We do not under any circumstances give refunds for codes purchases outside of your region.

The Code type you purchase is the only code that can be redeemed. If any other portion of the code is redeemed a PayPal invoice for the other portions will be sent to the email address that was used to purchase the previous version.

SD = Came from a DVD
HDX = Came from a Blu Ray
HD = Came from a Blu Ray
That is the format the code was removed from we can not guarantee the actual redemption format of the code since sometimes the studio may choose only one format.

All codes are tested prior to being listed on the website. Once a code has been sold and  the code has been sent there is no returns allowed. We do not in any way guarantee the format ( SD, HDX ) of any movie. We list them as the type of media they were removed from. If you have any issues with the code please email us with the issue and images of any errors you encounter.  Also please supply a image of your library with page one of your movies. Unfortunately do to the mass increase of fraudulent buyers and codes we must stick to our policies.

All issues must be reported within 24hrs after code has been emailed.

We get codes in almost every day. Depending on the popularity and quantity prices change. We can not guarantee that the price it is now will be the price in a few hours. It may be cheaper or more. We apologize for this but we try to bring the best price at the time of the market for all our buyers.