This page is to inform our customers of any updates or downtime we may be having. If you are not receiving orders are something is not working correctly we may be aware of the issue and working on it. This page will let our customers know what is being done and hopefully an ETA for any repairs of any issues.

June 12,2022


Our processing server the approves our payments and then processes the codes is down. We are not sure when this will be fixed and may delay orders being sent. Please be aware that our instant delivery is now effected by this and could cause orders to be delayed by hours.

August 28,2020 - Resolved


It was brought to our attention that once again Fetchapp is having technical difficulties. Emails that contain the codes are not being sent. You can use our order lookup page to retrieve your code in the mean time.

August 31,2019 - Resolved

2:01 pm:

It seems at this time Fetchapp is back up and working. We will be watching this closely throughout today. We have removed the notice from our front page but orders may be slow to be sent because of all the back log of orders.

1:02 pm:

Fetchapp is still experiencing server issues. We are still waiting on an update from them. Order and codes are still not getting processed at this time. As soon as this is fixed we will make sure past orders are sent that were made during the outage.

11:46 am:

We finally received word from Fetchapp. The said " Our application hosting provider is experiencing some rare, serious issues with their platform and it has unfortunately impacted Fetchapp. We are working to see if we can resolve this issue, otherwise we expect they will resolve it on their end shortly." So we know someone is working on it. Still not sure of when a fix will be implemented. 

11:04 am:

Still no response from Fetchapp. We have tried on several platforms to contact them and still no response. We do not have any type of update or ETA on when this will be fixed. We are sorry for any inconvenience but we are trying to get some answers but we are not having any luck.

10:00 am:

Once again it seems like our code processing service is having technical difficulties. No orders are being sent at this time. We are not even able to manually send the codes. It seems there is a service outage with Fetchapp and we can not even get to their service to do anything. We have been in contact with them but we have not received any response as of 10:30 am.

January 19, 2019 - Resolved

6:15 pm:

We have received word from Fetchapp and this was their reply:

"Hello! Thank you for your questions. We are indeed having issues with our hosting provider at the moment. They reported a hardware failure on their end. We are working with them to address the issue and our development team has been alerted to the problem and is working on a solution. We apologize for the inconvenience and we will let you know as soon as systems are operational again. Thank you for your patience!"

We are hoping to have our automated service up and going here  shortly.


5:20 pm:

Fetchapp is not sending orders at this time. We have emailed them and we are awaiting a reply from them on when this will be fixed. IT seems while I was away today any order placed after 11:00 am EST have not been sent. So please use our order lookup link or your account page to retrieve your codes.


October 30, 2018 - Resolved

6:45 pm:

It seems Fetchapp is now up and running again and orders are starting to be sent out regularly. We have removed the status on our front page at this time and will be watching the service for the next few hours to make sure it stays going. If any buyers have orders they do not receive please email us.

2:30 pm:

It seems the orders are again SLOWLY being sent out. There still is a lag from the time the order is placed to when the email is sent. (about 1 hour) but this may be because of all the orders backed up in Fetch's system. 

12:35 pm:

It seems that Fetchapp has gone backwards and no email with the codes are being sent out. At this time if you need your order please use the order lookup page or your account page to retrieve your codes. We are uncertain when this will be fixed and not sure how long it will be until you receive your order via email.

12:05 pm:

It seems that they are working on the issue and orders are starting to slowly be sent. I would still advise buyers to use the order lookup page or the account page to get their codes if they would like them quickly.

8:35 am:

At this time we Fetch is experiencing technical difficulties. No orders are being sent out at this time. We have emailed them to make sure they are aware of this issue and we a waiting to hear from them.

August 7,2018 - Resolved

10:45 am:

Orders seem to be sending right now so we removed the news off our front page. IF you see that you did not receive an order you can still use the link (located in the toolbar menu under out store name).

8:37 am:

We have received word from fetchapp that the issue has been resolved. We are going to watch it closely to make sure it is. The system down note will still be left up until we are sure that everything is working.

8:25 am:

This is a continuation from August 6, 2018. It seems that the issue has yet to be resolved. Orders are still not being emailed out. We have contacted fetchapp once again to see what is going on and we are awaiting their response.

August 6,2018 - continued to August 7,2018

11:02 pm:

Even though we have not heard back from fetchapp it seems that the service is starting to send emails. For a precaution I am still leaving the notice up on our website just in case any order is not emailed out over night. I am hoping that this issue will be 100% resolved by morning.

8:31 pm:

We have received news from fetch app that the server for their database and email service has been having issues so until they get their stuff fixed fetchapp can not get their stuff fixed. So we are still waiting for this issue to be resolved. IN the mean time you can still lookup and order and get your codes using this link:

Order Lookup

5:27 pm:

Once again it seems fetch has had some issues. The orders are being fulfilled just not being sent. We have contacted fetch about this and we are waiting to hear back from them with any type of update. It has been about 3 hours since we had an order emailed from fetchapp but you can go to our order lookup page to view your order along with the codes in that order.

June 1,2018 - Resolved

12:30 pm:

As of this time we have been notified by Fetch app that they resolved the server issue and it seems like orders are now being sent like normal. We will still watch the orders closely through out the day to make sure it stays this way but we have removed our Technical Difficulty warning.

11:30 am:

As it seems Fetch app is back working properly at the moment. We are still going to leave the notice up just in case for a little while and we will be watching it closely to make sure orders are being sent out automatically. Please be prepared to have your orders delayed just in case since it has only been working so for for a couple orders.

10:55 am:

We are still waiting on a response from Fetch app to our issue. It does seem we are not the only ones that uses this service to be having this issue. We are trying to manually import orders as often as possible but there is still going to be a delay on getting orders out until Fetch app can fix this problem.

2:30 am:

We are unable to reach any type of support with Fetch app at this time. Orders are still having to be manually sent. With this issue still going on we will not be able to immediately send orders tonight. Any orders after this time will be sent later tomorrow morning. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have, but we can not stay up all night to fulfill orders. Hopefully Fetch app will see our support ticket and rectify the issue before the morning.

1:10 am:

At this time our email sending service (Fetch app) is experiencing difficulties. Orders are not being imported into Fetch app and therefore not being sent out. We are having to manually import all orders and then have them sent out. We have contact Fetch app and are awaiting results to our issues. In the meantime, orders may not be sent out immediately and with it being after 1 am may not be sent out until later tomorrow morning.